WS-5358 NEW

2019-03-21 19:56:26

Portable bluetooth sound
1.FM radio, USB, TF card reader
2. Audio source input, headset, bluetooth playback, bluetooth phone call, bluetooth selfie.
3. Recording function
4. LED Flashlight: one button switch for two steps of brightness adjustment

* built-in 18650 battery capacity: 3600MAH
* power supply voltage: 5 volts
* output power: 2X7 watts
* speaker: 52MM, 4 ohm, external magnetic
* frequency response: 100-18khz
* bluetooth solution: CCL
Support bluetooth 5.0+ music playback and call + selfie + recording
Press the button to control the volume.
Charging indicator
Can play the speaker for 2 hours.
Support TF card,U disk
Plug in USB charging cable to enhance the radio signal
Audio cable, USB power cable
FM radio: 88-108
Color: black, gray
Gross weight: 29.5 KGS
Body size: 33*12*13CM
Outer box size: 72.7*37.3*64 CM
Packing quantity: 20 PCS